當登入的時候會顯示作家的簡介,整理如下: RODDENBERRY, GENE (1921-1991). Born in Texas, USA,
Roddenberry worked as a pilot for the US Army and later
as a commercial pilot. He then went on to create the
Star Trek television series, among others. KORNBLUTH, CYRIL M. [1923-1958]. Born in New York City and
an active member of the Futurians, Cyril Kornbluth sold his
first story professionally at age 15. By the 1940’s his
stories appeared widely under several pennames, including
S.D. Gottesman and Cecil Corman. He left his university
studies in Chicago to serve in the Army in Europe during
WWII, then returned to school and work in Chicago until he
began writing full-time in 1951. The author of The Marching
Morons and the novels The Space Merchants (with Frederik
Pohl) and The Syndic, he’s best known for his biting social
satire and his collaborations with Pohl and with Judith
CALVINO, ITALO [1923-1985]. Born in Cuba, Italo Calvino grew
up in San Remo, Italy. During World War II, he joined the
partisans during the German occupation and, after writing a
series of stories which drew on his experiences, he became a
journalist. His work included Mr. Palomar, Under the
Jaguar Sun, Cosmicomics and t zero. Calvino made
important contributions to Italian literature in the middle
of the last century. GIBSON, WILLIAM (1948-) He is married with two children. In
the early 1980s he wrote Neuromancer, and with this novel he
helped establish a new kind of science fiction literature
called cyberpunk. William Gibson defined the word cyberspace,
and described virtual reality long before we saw the
similarities with todays Internet. He has won the Hugo Award,
Nebula Award and the Philipp K. Dick Award. URSULA K. LEGUIN (1929-) The author of the Earthsea
trilogy, City of Illusions and The Dispossessed.
SENDAK, MAURICE [1928-]. The author of Seven Little
Monsters and Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak was
born in Brooklyn, NY, US, to a family of poor Polish
immigrants who moved to the US before World War II. He
became an illustrator while in high school. JORDAN, ROBERT (1948-2007). Esteemed author of The Wheel of
Time, Lord of Chaos and A Crown of Swords. Denis Lindbohm (1927-2005) was a Swedish author and one of the
founders of Swedish science fiction. HOLMES, ROBERT (1928-1986). An English television scriptwriter,
most notably remembered for his work on the sci-fi series;
Doctor Who. BARJAVEL, RENE [1911-1985]. Born in Nyons, he was a
science-fiction author, a journalist and a critic. He is
credited with having written the first novel to introduce
the Grandfather Paradox in time travel, in his 1943 work
‘Le Voyageur imprudent’. BARTOL, VLADIMIR [1903-1967]. Born in Trieste, Austria-
Hungary. He is the author of, among others, the novel
Alamut (published in 1938 in Slovenia). PRATCHETT, TERRY (1948-). Born in Buckinghamshire, England,
Pratchett is the famous author of the Discworld series of
novels and, more recently, an active Alzheimer’s Disease awareness
campaigner. NIVEN, LAWRENCE VAN COTT [1938-]. Architect of Known Space,
the setting of Protector, World of Ptaavs and the
Ringworld series. Author of “Flash Crowd”, a canonical
sociological hard science fiction short story dealing with
effects of near instantaneous transportation on a modern
technological society. In addition, he is well known for his
collaborations with Jerry Pournelle, including The Mote in
God’s Eye and Lucifer’s Hammer. ZELAZNY, ROGER JOSEPH [1937-1995]. Roger Zelazny was a
leading light in the New Wave of science fiction. He began
writing in 1962. Known for such works as This Immortal,
Lord of Light, The Dream Master and the Amber books,
Zelazny is best known for his idiomatic American
protagonists, embodying the mythological figures of the
Trickster and the Hero of a Thousand Faces. BROWN, DAN [1964-]. Born in New Hampshire, USA, the son of a
math teacher at Phillips Exeter Academy, he studied at
Amherst College and later returned to teach English there.
His works include Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons and
the number one bestseller The Da Vinci Code. He is
currently living in New England with his wife, Blythe, an art
historian and painter who helped him write The Da Vinci
Code. ANTHONY, PIERS [1934-]. Author of many novels and short
stories, including his most famous Xanth series. A few of
his works have made it to the New York Times Best Seller
list, and he is widely regarded as one of the most well-known
science fiction/fantasy authors ever.
CARD, ORSON SCOTT [1951-]. Born in Richland, Washington, Card grew up in
California, Arizona, and Utah. He lived in Brazil for two years as an
unpaid missionary for the Mormon Church. Author of the Ender and Alvin
Maker books, Card’s science fiction and fantasy work is strongly influenced
by his Mormon cultural background. The first author to win the Hugo and
Nebula novel awards two years in a row, Card currently lives in Greensboro,
North Carolina, US. Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald [1911 - 1986]. Was an american Sci-Fi writer,
perhaps more famed for devising Dianetics and Scientology.